First and Foremost…

So, this is it. My first step into the world wide blogging world. I have resisted for many years simply because I didn’t know where to begin! So this is it, my beginning…let us see where it takes us, shall we?

On this blog I intend to share a little bit about myself and my everyday life. I am just another mom who tries to fit a little bit of everything into her day. I hope you enjoy coming along on my journey and I hope to grow as a person and maybe get to know myself a little better through the process.

A quick intro, I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of six children. I have a wonderful, adoring, supportive husband who would love for me to just finish one of the twenty-seven projects I started (I swear I will…someday!). Together we do our best to raise our six children in a manner that we hope will help the future.

Our eldest daughter, A, is ten and definitely fits the first child mold. She is helpful, but has been known to be a bit bossy! Our second child, N, is eight and wavers between wanting to be a doctor when he grows up or a spy. Our third, I, is six and she loves everything pink. Our fourth, R, is four and a very funny little man. He loves making up jokes and playing with his siblings. Then comes number five, G. He is an independent little guy who absolutely adores his little sister and is definitely a creature of habit. If his morning doesn’t start off with some hugs and kisses for the baby then his whole day is thrown off. Two is a fun age to be! Then comes baby Z. She is four months old, the happiest little baby, and trying to crawl already.

So that is a quick intro to our brood. Everyday life can get a little crazy around here, but we manage the asylum as best we can. Come along with me on this journey and let’s see where it leads!


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