Learning Experiences


As parents, and I think maybe especially as home-school parents, we are always worried about whether our children are learning enough. Is this curriculum rigorous enough? Are they on par for their age group? Am I doing enough to give them a well-rounded education? Can we still have some fun today??


I have often times felt overwhelmed with it all. Overwhelmed with the curriculum choices, while also appreciating that there are so many options out there. Overwhelmed with the prices. Overwhelmed with children who don’t want to do their work. Overwhelmed by other people who seem to have it all figured out. Overwhelmed with the responsibility of it all.


And then, there are the little moments that make me go “YES!” we are doing it right. They are getting it. They understand. We are learning! And I relax. And I stop trying to fit in some more of those really cool things I found online that I want to supplement with. Because honestly, they don’t need more worksheets. They don’t need supplementation. They are learning. They are getting it. And we are even having some fun in the process. And that, my friends, is what this is all about! Happy Schooling!


3 thoughts on “Learning Experiences

  1. Every year for the past nine years, I have spent many hours judging speech and debate competitions via the National Christian Forensics Association. I even travel.

    Homeschooling does make a difference. The kids seem much more balanced, and wonderful parents [like yourself] are standing right there beside them, encouraging, supporting, and giving them the opportunity to make a difference. Growth and blessings abound!

    There are many rewards being an energetic homeschooled family. Keep the faith!!!

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