Are you listening to me?

Ever feel like your children are in need of some character training? Ever turned around and then realized that maybe it’s actually YOU that are in need of some character training? Yeah, been there, still doing that!

Before I had children, says every parent everywhere, I had it all figured out. I knew what kind of parent I was going to be. I knew how my children were going to behave (ahahahhahaaa!). I knew how I was going to deal with discipline. And I knew that everything was going to be blissful. After all, I had been around children my whole life. I had experience. I was ready.

Then entered A, our firstborn. And everything I knew about everything went the way of my sleep pattern. Adios! Goodbye! History!

It’s amazing to me how God has used this journey through motherhood to mold me. Shape me. And put me through the fire. I have been broken, mended, re-broken, and then mended again and again and again. And I am positive it will continue to happen. Because I need it. I need it to become the woman I am called to be. I am still not sure who that woman is, but with God’s help and our children’s, I will find her.

So how am I supposed to train my children when I am the one who is in such desperate need of training? By following, trusting, praying, and realizing that children truly are blessings. They have blessed my life so much by just being and by teaching me the lessons I need to learn in ways that I never, ever imagined they would.robins

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