So when I looked around trying to decide what to write about, I found that most places recommend writing about something you love. Find something to focus on and write about it. Well, I think that was my major stumbling block in starting a blog. I have so many things I do, and enjoy doing, that I never could find just one to focus and write about. This has been an ongoing issue my whole life, lol! However, I have decided to use that to my advantage! Instead of using this blog to focus one major topic (ie cooking, finances, creating, etc.) I am going to touch on a little bit of everything. I figure if that is what goes on inside my head, well then, that’s what I’ll share!

On a daily basis I go from cooking meals, to trying to squeeze one more penny out of our budget, to schooling our children, to trying to find a minute to draw or sew something, to researching something on the internet, etc. Talk about a major case of ADHD! So that is my plan. To share a little something that might help someone else try and manage their daily chaos. Because let’s face it, at the end of the day, if you can help out just one person, well, I would consider that a pretty successful day.